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When Precision,
is the only

Welcome! I'm Jonathan Rummans, Founder of Rummans Firearms, LLC

My Passion for firearms started when my grandpa got me my first hunting rifle for my 15th birthday. That Ruger M77 Hawkeye started it all. From that point on I started researching and learning everything I could about shooting and hunting. My dad helped me and my brother along the way buying and building our family collection of guns and taking us shooting. I spent a lot of my time learning how to clean, repair and upgrade our guns the proper way. In 2018 I retired from my Mobile electronics installer and fabrication job due to a back injury. I took that opportunity to my hobby my new job. Using my years of experience in fabrication and designing, I set out to take my favorite platform of rifle to the next level. The AR platform is not known for its long range accuracy or for being lightweight. USING MY EXPERTISE i HAVE HAND PICKED SOME OF THE BEST COMPANIES TO WORK WITH AND DESIGNED MY OWN PROCESSES TO OVERCOME SOME OF THE ar STYLE FIREARMS DISADVANTAGES. i CAN NOW SAY WE BUILD SOME OF THE MOST ACCURATE AND LIGHTEST ar'S IN THE WORLD. BUT WE ARE NOT STOPPING THERE, WE CONTINUE EVERYDAY TO IMPROVE AND BRING OUR CLIENTS THE BEST ar WE CAN. i WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK EVERY ONE FOR THERE SUPPORT AND PATRONAGE, WE GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!


Custom Handguns

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